Bottlehead Seduction and Eros schematics

Does anyone have schematics of the Bottlehead Seduction and Eros preamp?
These preamps seem to have a good reputation,
and I am starting to work on a R2R head preamp and am looking around for ideas.

So if anyone have a link or is able to scan those schematics for me that would would be very helpful.

Other interesting tape head preamp schematics are welcome, of course :)
Have you found the schematic for the Bottlehead Eros tape preamp?

It's not something that Bottlehead chooses to share. The schematics are provided with the manuals. The manuals are provided with the kits. The kits are their livelihood.

If you doubt that Bottlehead would pass you the schematic if you contacted them - and I'd say such a doubt would be well-founded - then this is not the place to request it.