Boston Acoustics VR965 woofer issue

I just picked up a pair of Boston Acoustics VR965. I auditioned them before purchasing, and they sounded great, but when I plug them in at home the woofer in the left speaker is not firing properly. There is some audio coming out, but much less than on the right, and very noticeable in the stereo image. Occasionally, it will cut into the full signal, but then lose it again. There is some electrical noise and hum audible through the passive radiators, it’s not much but it’s there in the left and not in the right.
I took the woofer out and inspected it, I’m no speaker technician, but connections seems okay. I’ve tested with a different amp and speaker cables and same thing. Just wondering what I should do? Is it a case of needing a new Woofer? Anything else I should try?