boss amplifier need trasistors


2010-10-04 8:24 pm
hi to any1 that takes time to read this
1 my english it's no so great
2 i remember a little of electronic from junnior and high schools 12
years ago so after saying that to the main ponit XD
a few months ago i bougth a boss amplifier to be more acurate phantom ph2.800 then the warranty expired now a few days ago the amp die having no reason cuz i check the power,the remote,the ground,fuses and inc audio but only to find nothing was wrong then i open the amp only to find 3 transistors irz44n and another 2 low signal transitors and 3 resitences where burn some how. any way im thinking just to replace, but from what i remember from school trasistors whit 3 terminal (irz44n) need schematics right or im a wrong ? if so where can i get it ?? if not should i just replace it ?? i dont have any experience but since im unemployed now i can really save some money adn kill some time till i get a job hehe besides nobody will die if i learn something ned like ( repair amplifier ) thx very much for help and if y guys want a pics let me know