Bosoz Ps ?

The transformers suggested in the article (Pass Labs) on this preamp are Avel Lindberg D4007 (30+30). Figures 9 and 10 show plots of THD & noise with 30, 40 ,50 and 60 volt supplies. Am I correct in assuming that the D4007 corresponds to the 30 volt data in the plots?

I guess I am asking would the D4016 be the 60 volt supply transformer?

I'm not sure I'll make it past the neophyte stage in my understanding of electronics but any help for this chemist would be appreciated!!

center tap

The article refers to a 30+30 Avel transformer. This is the correct one for the 60 volt supply. If you look at the power supply diagram the transformer has two secondary windings. Each winding outputs 30 volts. Notice that the center of each winding is connected to the other winding putting them both in, what we call, series with each other.In series the voltage adds and the current is constant. In parallel the current adds and the voltage is constant. Now that we know the two 30 volt windings are in series we know our voltage adds to equal 60 volts output to the next device which is the bridge rectifier. This converts the ac to dc which is used in our circuit to power it. when the voltage comes out as dc it will increase by around 40% to 80volts dc. The diodes provide a reference voltage to the power mosfet to tell it what the final output voltage will be.The diodes are Z101 thru Z114. I actually used a 20+20 transformer in mine. I just had to omit some of the diodes to correct my reference to the mosfet. This is really a sweet sounding circuit and were lucky to have someone to share them with us. If you need any help feel free to e-mail me. I started out a few years ago just like you and without all the help I've recieved I'd have given up.:)