BoSoZ Power Supply

I'm doing the BoSoZ. Case and PCB ready and I'm ready to do some shopping on parts. However, confused on the PSU:

2. I use one PSU to power up the line stage. I plan to use one transformer, not two. What are the requirements?
Is 2*60 volts minimum? Wattage? Could I use a smaller transformer, e.g. partno 223-8796 at
Transformer, toroidal, 160VA, 0-230V pri 50/60Hz, 2x0-30V sec

2. If it is possible to use this 2*30 volt trafo, should I reduce the number of Xener diodes? How many?

3. In normal Danish households we have 230 V AC without earth grounding. Would the BoSoZ work without earth/grounding to the AC-inlet and without using grounding through the Thermistor?

hello 2bak,

I can answer your third question:

yes it´s possible to do without the mains earth. I would however connect everything as in the original version and use a mains lead with the earth connected as required for a class1 device. If you want to use a mains lead without the earth you´ll have to double insulate all mains carrying parts.