BOSOZ power supply

I am building a power supply for 2 BOSOZ's that will be used in a BI-AMPED system. The power supply will be larger than the supply used for a single BOSOZ and each BOSOZ will have its own regulator. I have been using inductors in my Aleph power supplies and thought it would be a good idea to use inductors in BOSOZ supplies. IE: capacitor inductor capacitor

Do you guys agree and if so, what size inductors. The Aleph inductors were air core 2mh with DCR of .5 ohms. I would probebly be using lighter gage wire for the BOSOZ and so if I were to wind, say, 2mh coils, DCR might be 1 ohm. Does this hurt anything?

The short answer is: do it.

The longer answer is there has been a LOT of disscussion on this subject. I suggest you search this forum and the solid state one. Search for power supplies and/or inductors. And NP has a good discussion on this topic in one (or maybe more) of his Zen amp articles.


2002-01-07 6:02 pm
PSU simulator

Duncan Amps has a free, accurate and quite easy to use PSU design program, so you can try things before you buy or wind chokes etc.

Tip: right click on the objects and you can change them. For example the load can be changed from a from a resistor to a current source.

I also like inductors in the power supply. All my amps have them. They make it easier to design a passive unregulated supply, and make a regulated oe even better.