BOSOZ parts ?'s

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I need to order parts for the balanced portion of this preamp. I would like to find out what connectors people have used (ie, Neutrik, Vampire, generic....). Also, is one set of balanced inputs adequate (at this point I have no sources with this option)?
If you don't have any plans to use the balanced option, just ground the unused input and hook the other to a standard RCA jack.
What brand? I dunno. Depends on how much you want to spend, as they can get expensive quickly. I've about used up my cache of Tiffany jacks that I had lying around. I'll need to sniff around and figure out what's cool (and semi-affordable) sometime later this year at the rate I'm going. The sonic effects of different jacks are subtle, but noticable on a good system. I wouldn't spend the extra money on them for a mid-fi system, for instance. People tend to overstate the differences between jacks and such, but I've never found the "thousand veils removed" effect, more like two or three, maybe five at best; Scherezade ain't going to be naked by the end of this dance. The difference between different brands will be plus or minus one veil, with the possible caveat that you might get to choose between a sea-foam green veil, and a cornflower blue one. Buy something decent and you'll be happy with the results.
As far as balanced plugs go, I hear the name Neutrik a lot, but haven't done any comparisons myself, so I have no opinion. I am in the (tedious) process of revamping my system to be balanced from front to at least the top half of the back end (mids and tweeters), so I'll be facing this question soon, also.

I used Neutrik for my balanced out. The gold plated ones with the black case. My rca inputs were the ones Borbely sells. I'm not sure what they are but their gold plated. I build a lot of Pass stuff with standard parts and then go from there. This allows you to hear the difference for yourself. Kinda like trying out the snake oil to see for yourself.:D

I'll have to agree wth GRollins. The difference is more cosmetic than sound quality.

There are bargains here in New Zealand (where I am). Local Dick Smith stores (Radio Shack equivalent) here had a sale about 2 months ago on all XLR sockets and plugs. I bought about a dozen of each male/female metal case connectors for $4.50NZ each (so $1.95usd) - taxes included. Where else can you buy XLR connectors for less than $2 usd online?

Link above has photos and they're the soldered on type (not friction fittings).
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