bose lifestyle 25 seriesii (1995) need help.

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Dear all hope you all fine
I have a problem I have a bose life style25ii(1995) system. but only speakers.(music system theft).i want to change life style speakers in to bose acoustimass system or other word connect speakers with Yamaha receiver (dsp a590).questions is….
(1) if i bypass the lifestyle bass module amp and connect direct to cross over circuit in bass module. is it working. Or make a cross over for it and connect speakers.(I have service manual of bose acoustimass 10 passive way.)
(2) are Speakers are same in lifestyle system and bose acoustimass system and difference is only bose music system????
What’s number of drivers in life style 25 bass module.
What is out put watts of lifestyle systems(bass module)??
Please don’t advice me to change the speaker because I have very sweets memories with it.:eek:
Bose service centre cant help me Hope you friends help me. Thanks


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That PCB looks like a passive high-pass filter for the satellites. You can use an external amplifier to feed them, but check the speaker impedance. The Yamaha DSP-A590 is specified for 8 Ohm loads. If you connect speakers with lower impedance and crank it up, you might damage the receiver.
For the woofer you would have to find out, whether it also has a passive filter or an active one and then whether your memories are sweet enough to do the necessary things to use that thing with another amp.
If the amplifier section is not broken, you might be better off to find out the pinout of the "Audio Input" connector on the bass module. Then solder yourself an adapter cable and connect it to the preamp output of the receiver provided those outputs have volume control.

I don't know, if the speakers are the same in lifestyle and acoustimass systems, but it wouldn't surprise me.
The number of drivers in the bass module is one and it is not a big one.
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