Bose Acoustimass 10(Passive Sub)


2010-11-29 6:46 am
Hi ,
I have a Acoustimass 10 Passive sub, of which the sub's rear panel is damaged, hence i have to make a new one,
I have the crossover ,and i need to know the internal wiring from the circut to the speakers,
It has three speakers, one is a dual coil in first chamber and two single coils in the third chamber, on the crossover board there are two 4-pin connectors , one set is black and other is white,
now what goes where, and should the dual coil speaker be in series or parallel?
There is a similar diagram pic in this forum but its a sub with two speakers, the cross over looks the same.
Pl help.


2010-11-29 6:46 am
image of the sub 's (passive)crossover board

The image o the sub's crossover board.


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