Bose 301 Reimagined


2003-12-01 5:49 am
For my daughter's boyfriend's Christmas present I decided to build him a system. I wanted to keep costs down but at the same time come up with a good sounding system. Everything had to be re-purposed since my daughter is, ahem, really into the Green. So I set off to Salvation Army and lo and behold, a pair of Bose 301s in a sorry state. So that became the focal point of a crossoverless system. First get rid of the drivers (BTW, if anyone needs 301 drivers in need of coning, message me). I also picked up an old sony subwoofer with a busted amp.

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Hi. Well done! How do the ps180s sound. I selected those for my TL project with inspiration from the Baby Labs models. Still to construct.
You’ll be happy with them. The bass is a bit shy without the proper port. I wished the one on the Bose was longer but it does have a weird enough geometry (45 degrees to some mouth) that who knows what it does. The highs are very clear and extended. Nothing wrong with the midrange to high.