Boombox diy


2013-03-29 1:02 pm
I'm thinking of making a boombox, and hoped for a little help from you out there. I have no experience with audio diy, however, I have researching a lot and have a good knowledge of sound and speakers.
I'm going to build my idea of ​​this guide DIY Portable Boombox (from SCRATCH! | Fully-illustrated), but I do have a problem. I do not know how to build a receiver. I live in a small country called Denmark, so I can well imagine that I can buy all the parts under one roof anywhere in the eu. I prefer to keep my maximum budget of $ 200.
$200 would carry you quite far... if you had lived in the States. In Europe however you'll be limited to having to chose the absolute cheapest possible parts available on that budget.

In fact I'd go as far as saying that there is no point in DIY'ing if all you can spare is DKK1200 in total unless you go dumpster hunting and scavenge parts and materials, and hit the junk yard sales for some give away offers.