Boombox building


2013-03-29 1:02 pm
I decided to build a boombox now it is summer. I have a basic knowledge about speakers and amps. I do not know anything about crosover. it should preferably not be to too expensive since I am a teenager and did not have pockets full of money. it must be small, light and smart. do not know much about battery and charger. hope you can help me with it.

Would this work?


2x Dayton Audio DC28F-8 1-1/8" Silk Dome Tweeter 275-070

Amp: Dayton Audio DTA-2 Class T Digital Audio Amplifier Module 300-385
Lepai 4x25W Desktop Amplifier with Remote USB MP3 SD FM 310-306

Or Lepai LP-2020A+ Tripath Class-T Hi-Fi Audio Amp w/Power Supp 310-300

If there are some better parts let me know.
Crossover ?
Reading the user's reports about the tweeter, someone speaks about a Dayton 4K5 Hz
crossover, so you are alerted...!
MAybe...the dome is very protruding out of the baffle, prone of being hurt, so a recessed
dome - with some waveguide- would be better.
Check the sensitivity before buying- around 90 dB/W/m is the norm ...but going up in sensitivity would bring you more sound with the same power.... or choose 4 Ω speakers.
whatever tweeter you may choose, you've got to think about the whole system
So it doesn't matter if it is 4-6-8 Ω but how it plays together with other components.
The tweeter with the waveguide, reading about the user's report, is quite good
( what's the purpose of the finned heatsink on the magnet :confused::confused: ) and should be used above 2K5 Hz. There's an indication
for a standard crossover 12 dB/octave : 3.3 uF and 0.25 mH. So these
components are part of the tweeter path as well.
Also the woofer deserves some electrical treatment : the user suggests 0.35 mH coil . Also he suggests to finds some crossover for 4 Ω speakers already made ( for car use, as the speakers used in car audio are 4 Ω ).
Of course, each driver needs a crossover tailored for the particular system, but
we believe that the first step has to be done in the right direction, so....
(split the band !!! )