Bonzour from Mauritius

Am Newbe DIY from Mauritius.
For those who don't know, Mauritius is a small beautiful island in the Indian Ocean.
We speak French, English, Creole most of the time.
I am an Oracle Database Administrator and been working in many countries South Africa, France, Togo, Morocco and Ivory Coast.

Complete Newbie, my first attempt is amp3 from
Good lord, I didn't know these SMD were so small.
It's working now, but I got one diode the wrong way first.
That's it.
Hi all,
The amp3 sound is verrry good.
I mean compared to stock Sonic Impact, the bass is well in another league.
I have stopped altogether using the stock SI until I have some time modifying the input caps.
I have another amp3 that I assembled, and I am making the case in which to install it.
Ordered 2 the first time, in case the first went wrong.
You people should listen amp3 and Monica2 DAC ( at least once.
These two are made for each other.
Hello South Africa...
Somethimes I feel I'm the only one DIY in Mauritius!
Will post some pics later.