Bob Ludwig closes down his mastering lab. That's the End of an Era!!!

A very nice two-part interview with Bob, by Tom Fine.

Highly recommended.

I first started working with Bob in 1991 in NYC, when he fastidiously remastered the LP version of Arturo Delmoni's "Songs My Mother Taught Me," which blows the North Star LP into the weeds. Bob later, in Maine, remastered the digital version, which similarly blew the MFSL "Songs My Mother" CD into the weeds.

Bob's SMMTM digital remastering is now available again, this time from IMPEX/Elusive Disc, as a gold CD.

For my last "The Fifth Element" Stereophile column, Bob graciously consented to be interviewed by me. If you don't recall it, it is very much worth revisiting.

With all my best wishes to Bob and Gail.

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