Board to Board Header/Connectors for Audio Signals


I open this thread to discuss about the options for board to board connections carrying audio line levels.

Of course the ideal case is to avoid a split of audio path across multiple PCBs but there are [for instance] situations with no other alternatives than splitting the schematic between a front vertical PCB providing the control knobs/switches, connected to the main PCB.

The standard 100-mil pin header connectors may do the job as proposed in this thread. Facing a severe area constraint (300mil x 200mil for 16 pos in my case), I consider connectors with a smaller pitch between pins, with 2 to 4 rows.

What would be the minimum pitch between pins recommended for audio in connector headers ?

What about Board to Board connections with cables ? What would be the minimum diameter of wires and pitch between pins of connector headers ? Do golden leads really make a difference ?

Did you try other connectors than 100-mil connectors with no audible loss ?
FPC/FFC connectors & cables ? Micro TCA connectors ? other options ?