Board mounted Panel Mount RCA female parts

I can not for the life of me find these exact copies to buy anywhere!?! Does anyone have a lead on where I can buy these? I know I can just label mount the other types and solder in wires but I’d like to keep the amp original.

Any info or insight would be greatly appreciated. It is for an Orion HCCA 12,500DSPLX amp, def need a Hail Mary on this one lol 😅


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Have you checked Mouser? Am sure they have them, if not a donor board, those appear to be the same as the JL slash. I have JL slash spare boards.
Ya I’ve gone through all my donor board parts, what I have left is these jacked up pieces 😅 wana sell some from your donor boards? I need like 8+, but 4 minimum.

And ya those aren’t the ones I’m looking for Rayma, if the pics listed next to each represent each. I’m looking for pieces exactly like the ones I posted in my picture. Thx anyway tho 🖖🏼