BMS 4550 or B&C DE25?


I consider getting a 1" driver to be used above 1000 Hz in a home hifi horn rig (not PA). I have looked especially at the BMS 4550 and the B&C DE25 driver, but have not had a chance to hear any of them. Based on the reports I have read and the specs, I tend to lean towards the BMS. However, I already have a BMS 4592 ND and I find it somewhat harsh sounding. And I don't want another driver sounding like that one in the treble!

So, I would really like to hear from anyone who have had a chance to compare the BMS 4550 to the BMS 4590/4592 ND and can tell about how these drivers compare in the treble.

I would also very much like to hear from people who have had a chance to compare the BMS 4550 with the B&C DE25 driver!

Thanks a lot!

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2004-10-21 10:18 pm

two years ago i was also considering either the BMS or the B&C DE25.
According to some German DIY magazines the DE25 was one of the best and most linear high frequency drivers ever measured and tested.
I went to my loudspeaker dealer and he also recommeded the B&C.
So i bought them and are very happy with them. Very smooth and easy to crossover. I'm running them on a small tractrix >5000Hz as tweeter.