Blueprint1503 DUMAX report is wrong?


2001-10-27 4:56 pm
The T/S parameters of the Blueprint website and the DUMAX report for the Blueprint 1503 are entirely different. In emailing Pat of Blueprintdrivers about the issue he replied:

"In talking to Eric at Dumax, he found that the Re measure for the 1503 tested was wrong. This changed the derived Q parameters and lowered the SPL. We did not send the driver back for retesting as those who have measured the driver found our inital specs to be fairly accurate. Our reason for Dumax testing was not to have a set of "accurate" specs (our LMS, FG, and other methods have proven to be consistant) but to put peoples minds
at ease about our Xmax claims."

Should I use the DUMAX report or the specs on the Blueprint website?