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Blue Jean Analog Interconnects & Digital Cable

I'm selling as a result of my new equipment is all balanced XLR's.

These cables are manufactured by Blue Jeans Cable using Belden 29259 High Quality Coaxial Cable with Canare RCAP-C53A RCA's without the "Techflex" sheathing.

This makes an ideal cable for Stereo Analog Interconnect cable

Belden 89259 has a Teflon Dielectric and Copper center conductor
Canare non-soldered True 75 Ohm crimped-on Connector

I have both ~5' ($32.00 each @ BJ Cables) and ~3' ($27.50 @ BJ Cables ) lengths available.

5 quantity 5' long cables @ SOLD
5 quantity 3' long cables @ SOLD I accept Paypal in US & EMT & Paypal in Canada

I also have a 3' Canare 110 Ohm DA202 Digital Cable available with Neutrik XLR Male-Female Connectors
$29.00 with Free Shipping


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