Blown MTX6500D, schematics?

I've used my little MTX6500 Class D amp for a few years now, only power a 10" Eclipse sub. Well of course, I installed both (in fully working condision) into my girlfriends car, and in less that 2 weeks, the amp blew. I see there are some output resisters (x6 - R220 in paralell) next to each FET. Well the bank of resistors next to FET101 and FET 103 are all blown. They have a crack running down each one. Also the area in the center of the baord (between the ends) and oppisite of the RECs, that are is just a war zone. Now I dont know what this area is for, Just looks like an 8 pin SOIC, and some desceat components. It looks like it could be a pre-amp stage of somehting.

But does anyone have a curcuit schematic or anything that could help me out with this?

Perry Babin

Paid Member
2003-11-20 11:01 am
It's a self oscillating class D amp. It's fully discrete. It's very similar to the sony XM-D1000P5 and the XM-D400P5. Those are the schematics I use. They're not exact and the circuit board designations are different but they are close enough to be extremely helpful.

This amp will take quite a bit of work to repair but you should be able to get it working again. The outputs failed which destroyed the resistors. There are other, smaller SMD resistors that probably failed as well as a few SMD transistors.

Which SMD IC were you referring to?

Can you post a photo of the war zone?
Yeah I will try to post up pictures are soon as I can. I'm might have to try to replace those blown resistors on the output with some full sizes ones from radio smack. But as far as the "war zone" Once I figure out what it does, I might be able to build an equivalent on proto board, and jumper it into place. As far as the damage goes, I think those traces are history.