Bloody Flood - I will be offline for a while

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Sorry to hear! I lost everything in a house fire just over 10 years ago. The feeling of realizing everything is ruined / gone is hard to forget and not something I wish on anyone. I hope everything goes well enough with the insurance lists and that you get back on your feet soon.
Good thing you have flood insurance. A lot of people don't.

We lost half the town. Some insuance companies are trying to worm their way out of paying.

The help from the wider community is awesome. It is restoring my faith in humanity. Perfect working order M80 and M70 amps are now encrusted with mud. Still, what canyou do. Put them up on Ebay as "slightly soiled" :D.

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Can't you clean up the Clio and LEAP/LMS hardware with water then distilled water then alcohol ? I'm sure that the companies might help you out with replacement software .......? They have nothing to loose and everything to gain !

Gosh.....but this is nothing compared to the other losses you have at hand!
Wish you manage to get back to some semblance of order as soon as possible.

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We had a "500" year flood here in Nashville TN this past spring. I dogged it but thousands of others lost their home and business. Nashville is still recovering and rebuilding but a lot of work has been accomplished and things are getting put back together. Amazing the amount of volunteers that still turn out to help out.

Most - if not all - of your electronics gear can be cleaned and put back in working order and if you need specific instructions just send me a PM on the how to - I worked at a depot level repair shop and we took stuff ALLLLLLLLLLL the way apart - and then put it back together again. Heck - I even have a few of the left over parts as souvenirs!!! :mallet::eek: ;) :rolleyes: :headshot::rofl:

What worked for the people in Nashville is that we all helped each other - first with the emergency situation - and later with the rebuilding. Don't be afraid to jump in and help others as they may be to shocked or shy to ask. Don't be afraid (or shy - or proud) to ask for help yourself. It's important to eat, rest, and take care of yourself.

Our prayers are with you!!
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....well anything besides tubes that is...I never understood why tubes are needed :D

Magura :D

Tube circuits are very resistant to EMP (Electro-Magnetic-Pulse), can be made to be rather "romantic" looking, and can serve as both a room heater and with a grill keep the food/coffee/tea/saki warm. :D

They are pretty good at removing fingerprints on your hands - I've had several sets removed from time to time!!! :hot:
Thanks for the thoughts. The flood was sent by Murphy! The only drivers to survive were in odd numbers. 3 M22WR vifas survived. 3 didn't. The list goes on! Two Yamaha amps didn't make it, M70 and M80. My vision is not good eneough to even try a repair. May keep them for their looks. I don't think being inundated for 8 hours can do much to the electronics (not sure about electros) but the switches and pots now have a fine mud through them.

Well the insurance for the sunk Toyota Kluger came through in a week so I hope the rest will sort itself out. I spent 15 years turning an old church into a home and dear mother nature destroys it in a night. I think she was just showing off! A lot like my ex :)

Have internet up again after she wiped out the local exchange. They put in a temp tower. Never had such coverage, 5 bars. Used to be i bar if you went and stood in the middle of the road!

Still, I'm alive, my sons are alive, what else really matters.

Anyone in Aussy land have a spare M22WR they want to sell?

Queensland has suffered enormous devastation that could take years to repair. All Australians are feeling for our north eastern brothers.

There are amazing stories too such as this tug boat captain and his mate steering an out of control 300 metre, floating concrete walkway safely under a main bridge, past chemical and fuel wharves and other infrastructure.
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