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BLH NEA with Sonido SFR145AT

Backloaded horn with fullranger Sonido SFR145AT. Newly produced, burned in for 60 hours.

Speaker driver: alnico magnet, paper+wool cone, wooden phase plug covered with shellac. Screw bolts can be changed for black.

Speaker box: Veneered fiberboard 18mm, 9 layers of varnish, spikes and binding posts from Monacor, wire is cryogen treated (specially selected for Sonido from range of wires). 110cm x 20cm x35 cm.

8Ohm, 92-93 db/watt, 40-45Hz at -3dB (depens from horn+room interaction)

Located in Ukraine. Can be shipped with post service, in plywood boxes with protective foam. Shipping costs - depends from destination, will be checked upon request.

Price: 1200 USD (excluding shipping costs). No paypal currently.

Pls, contact with private messages. Better resolution photos: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?f...34431934.25966.123898041098900&type=1&theater


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