Blaupunkt Cassette

Hi I've been working on a Bremen SQR46 with distorted audio on bass and mid range , so far I've replaced all the electrolytic caps on the board and cleaned up the pots. Top end is sweet now bass and mids signal is degraded.

I swapped out one of the output ic's but still no change.

Also when switching balance from left to right you can still hear low volume audio when there should be none?

Distortion is present on radio and cassette.

Any help with this appreciated, thanks
Thanks for the schematic tsmith

so I managed to fix the distortion issues on this unit after thoroughly cleaning the board of electrolyte.

The deck has since developed a new issue - when a cassette is inserted it loads up and plays but the audio won't switch to cassette, the radio still plays.

not sure where to start with this one, I tried a spare cassette mech which made no difference, also tested the connections from the cassette mech to the board and they're

any help appreciated, thanks