BlackStar ID:100 TVP


2020-02-13 1:22 pm
I have a BlackStar ID:100 TVP. When switching the voice control or the TVP control the amp does not stay on the selected setting. If I set the voice to clean , cruch, gain, etc. the control led light with blink between settings. The same happens on the TVP control. At times it will also cut out and no sound will come out of the amp when it is seeking between settings.

So far I have done a visual inspection of the circuit boards. No visual damage. I have also blown out the pots with no results. The front circuit board contains all the controls and pots. attached to the back of this circuit board is a processor board.

Has anyone come across this issue and know what the repair is?

I tried getting a schematic from BlackStar but they won't give it up. Searching the net only turns up a few hits with others having the same problem and no fix.