Blackgates REALLY ceasing production

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Mmmm Musical concepts "news" is dated as being Feb 21 2005 wheras pcX's statement is dated as being July 20th 2005.

.... in the not to distant future.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Tonight on auction we have a pair of fabled 4.7uF 25 Volt Black Gate capacitors. They are 2003 vintage items and we will open the bidding at a modest $500"

Me thinks I spy an opportunity to make an investment, unless Rubyconn change their mind and I get stuck with thousands of old stock caps :D
When blackgates became "on fashion" ?
And how? Anything special in tecnical side or are they "sounding good" according to someones ears ?

I tried search already but all i can find is 100000 threads of ppl drooling after their plans to change all caps starting from nuclear power plant and windmills feeding their amps...
I contact Takeda Machinery Supply Corp. by e-mail and they told me that business is as usual but cannot make clear prediction more than 1 or 2 years into the future.

I suppose it always helps to get the information from the horses mouth rather than speculate, unless of course you like speculating.
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who is to say that they haven't got a better capacitor already which they will anounce once the BG's are gone ;)

If they simply bring out the new cap (at a possibly cheaper price....) then no one will want the BG's anymore... If they create all of this FUD, then everyone will snap up what they can get and they won't have any trouble getting rid of what is suddenly extremely expensive second rate caps ;)

Don't all the manufacturers routinely discontinue certain lines as they improve their technology??


me cynical, never :clown:
Ever heard of "just in time" in manufacturing?

Do you think that Jelmax might be one of the dying breed that believe in keeping large stock inventories?

Do you think if Black Gate or anyone else had a better product they would risk losing market share by holding it back and giving a competitor earlier market penetration with their product?

But then I guess all of what I said might just be speculation and if it is I have just contradicted my previous post about that haven't I?
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.