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Blackgate Capacitors - N: 50v 4.7uf, 16v 100uf | Std: 25v 1000uf, 50v 4.7uf...


2009-01-20 8:08 pm
Blackgate Capacitors - N: 50v 4.7uf | Std: 25v 1000uf | C Type 50v 4.7uf

Hi Guys,
Been holding onto these for a while now, decided I'm not going to get around to making good use of them so selling for reasonable price, open to offers. UK buyer preferred (located in Bracknell UK)...

N Series: 2 x 50v 4.7uf unused
N Series: 1 x 50v 4.7uf used

Std Series: 1 x 25v 1000uf used - note: has damage to casing (see pic) full refund if faulty.

C Type: 4 x 50v 4.7uf unused

Postage is combined for multiple items.

Thanks for looking :)


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