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Black Whale Amplification - Custom Shop

Hello everyone,

We are Black Whale Amplification a custom shop based in Brussels, Belgium. We manufacture custom all tube guitar amplifier replicas, head shell, combos and speaker cabinets.

We offer to build from our workshop wired replicas and custom ordered amplifiers. We provide the finest hand-built amps with custom look at a competitive price. All custom amps are hand made in using high quality materials.

All custom shells are made real wood, no MDF or chipboard. We can customize the shape, tolex color, grillcloth and also the accessories (corners, handlers, feets, speakers or terminals to complete your design).

These are some of the amplifiers that we can build
- Fender Deluxe Reverb 22W
- Fender 65 Super Reverb 45W
- Fender Brown Deluxe 6G3 18W
- Fender 5F4 Tweed Super 20W
- Fender Blackface Bassman 50W
- And much more...

Follow us at

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Some samples from our shop