Black volume knobs - 45mm diameter or made to order

I know there are a lot of off the shelf solutions and many on Alibaba from China but 45mm diameter doesn't seem to be a common size, and none seem to match what I'm after.

Does anyone have experience using smaller machine shops, or metal workers they recommend to turn a pair or two to specific dimensions in either powered coated or anodised aluminium?

UK based would be ideal but anyone who ships over here.


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2004-05-23 10:59 pm
Wynnewood, PA, USA

I needed an oversized knob for a project and found Viljo Mirrandi a couple of years ago (Viljo Marrandi art and engraving – Handmade art). Viljo was able to make me a 56mm stainless steel knob that is absolutely gorgeous and the price, including shipping to the US, was perfectly reasonable in my estimation. That project has been on hold for a little while and I hope to resurrect it soon, but if not I will be repurposing that large, wonderfully heavy piece of art.