Black faceplate cleaner?

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I'm after a good non-abrasive faceplate cleaner for some vintage Sansui amplifiers with black faceplates. I've heard that Pledge furniture polish is a good product to use but its not available in Australia. I don't know what the ingredients are in Pledge furniture polish so I don't know what to compare it too? Any other ideas or suggestions on what to use are welcome. :D


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> Pledge furniture polish

Pledge does not now list a product of that name. The nearest may be Pledge Multisurface Everyday Cleaner. Listed ingredients:

Ethanol - Cleaning Agent
Nitrogen - Propellant
Lauryl Polyglucose - Cleaning Agent
Methylisothiazolinone* - Preservative
Sodium Citrate - Stabilizer
Citric Acid - pH Adjuster
Fragrance - Fragrance

Ethanol is Vodka(*). The Lauryl is part of a huge class of detergents which are somewhat interchangeable to maker's taste.

It is very likely that any similar cleaner under your sink is about as effective.

What are you cleaning? Finger grime comes right off with ammonia BUT ammonia attacks some paints you would not expect it to. It is my 2nd choice for grimy switch-covers but I would be very cautious about valued faceplates. Ethanol is almost as good and more likely safe.

Isopropyl alcohol is also good, except at least here 'rubbing alcohol' is often cut with an oil (so not as drying to skin) and other adulterants.

(*) "American Vodka" is pure ethyl and water. Other vodkas are allowed other ingredients though maybe too little to matter for cleaning.

And yes, I have paid the US Booze tax for a bottle of EverClear (90% alky) *just* for cleaning.
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I should have mentioned that it comes in Lemon and Orange scents. I cant see what would be the polish in that list of ingredients though? Maybe Lauryl Polyglucose? I have thoroughly cleaned the Faceplate but it has what looks like UV damage to the clear topcoat so I suppose a car polish may do? But I would like to find out for sure what has been proven to work and gives good results. I have an AU-D907FE, AU-11000, AU-5900, AU-5500 all with black faceplates that need refreshing. The thing is I don't know what the black Faceplate coating consists of either?
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