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BIPS1 modification, resistor elimination


2013-02-10 3:58 am
To reconfigure BIPS module for the 12v supply, how do I safely remove the resistors? If desoldered do they then need to be bypassed with a segment of wire?

The SMPS500R I have is configured with output voltage of +\- 60v, could I leave the BIPS in the default configuration and power BIPS from the 60v output?
Are the resistors already the correct value to cut 60v to nominal operating voltage for BIPS?
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If the BIPS is supplied with +-12V to +-15V the 56R resistors which are default used on the board are the suitable ones to be used. but if is supplied at +-60V like in TA3020v4b application, the resistos must be changed with 2k2-2k4 to allow a ~20mA current to supply the two OP Amps on the board. I do not recommend to supply at such high voltage if a lower voltage is available. and always check the resistors value before power up the board at higher voltage. supplying the module with 56R resistors at +-60V will damage the resistors and some other parts on the board.