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BII with TentXO3 and CDPRO2 don't lock

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I' m talking about SPDIF not I2S, this is my set up:
-the PS is the Placid at 5.5V and 350mA
-all the voltages on the BII are correct, the leds are on
-the SPDIF switch is closed ( checked with tester), and the signals are connected to SPDIF
and GND terminal inputs
- all four the dip switches are in the ON position
-the BII sink only 260mA and not 290mA
-before the BII , my dac was the RAKK DAC II and everything worked fine
- I made a mistake when I powered the BII. I used a variac, and for a moment (less then
a second)the Placid out voltage was 5.8V. Can this damaged the dac?
Can you help me? I' m going crazy, cause I don't understating what goes wrong.
Today I mounted the Tent's module and the BII lock perfectly. I put a pulse transformer (Lundhal) at the BII' input, and this improved sensibly the sound. I like very much the definition , the sense of air and the soundstage.Also the bass have more extension.
I don't like the percussive bass,i.e. the drums. They lack impact and autority.Probably putting some capacitors between Placid and BII , I can solve the problem.
Hello Orelli

Given that the Buffalo reclocks on its own, how much difference do you think that the Tentlabs XO3 makes to your system?

It appears that you have used it with the clock, and without?

I am about to start a build with Buffalo II and a Cambridge Audio CD500SE. I have a Tentlabs XO3.2, but I am wondering whether to leave it out.

Your experience would be appreciated.
I suggest that XO3 is better than the direct Spdif output. I tried the CDPRO directly, and via the XO3 and the later is better. The XO3.2 is even better, cause it have the shunt PS. I like very much the pulse transformer at the input.

best, orelli
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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.