Big pond of MUD!

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I just picked up a used KLH 12" downfiring sub. I believe it is model E-12DB. Right now on my current receiver I don't have any line level output so I'm just using the high level input on the sub. all I hear is mud. I know when we first brought it home it rattled like all hell and so I took the speaker out and found a plastic sheep. it looks like the inside is kind of damped. they have about 2" of some harder course style stuff for the damping on the lef and right side. the front side that the port comes out is bare. the back side where the amp is has some padding around the amp cutout but the amp itself is not damped at all.
as far as bracing it looks like also on the left and right side they have a single brace going from front to back.
I've tried to tighten everything up nice and snug but still all I get at any volume that is loud enough to hear is just a good muddy sound :-( any help here guys?
sorry I guess I could of explained it a little more. when I was playing the sub it was just a big mess as far as the sound goes. There was not definition to the notes. the sound was boomy, bloated and flabed. I understand it is a cheap sub which I was fine with as this is more of a get the job done for now sub, but I figured it would sound better then this.
one thing I was thinking that might be playing a part in it though is I do have hard wood floors and even though my floor standing speakers do ok they also don't put the woofer pointing straight down only inches from the surface.
The other thing that seemed to help was turning the volume WAY down. almost to the point of being pointless though. After playing with it for a bit last night I found out that the port looks like it is sized just a tad too small and feeling around in the port it looks like the joint from the flare to the straight piping has ridges in there that I need to fill somehow.
I'm hoping that there might be something else I could do here though. is there a way to slow down the movement of air in the sub? I'm aware this will change the tuning point a bit if it can clean the sound I would be happy.
I've also played with the xo freq and to really get any decent sound out of it I have to have it set below around 50-60hz which isn't too bad as is being that the mains have 12" woofers that I believe go down to around 30-40hz or so and also it seems much above that I start getting some sounds that I isolate to comming directly from the sub.
One of the reasons among many, about your problem, Is the ageing driver and down firing position.

As the driver age, The suspension gets weaker , Add to the fact that it has down firing position, The moving mass might have moved forward in its rest position, making the driver disaligned, Which might explain the muddy sound when the volume is loud.

Try to position the box sideways , so the driver is facing forward, Or upside down.
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