Big Home Theater Sound

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What kind of drivers would be advisable to use to get the big theater sound like in the theater. I have heard some good home theater setups but they just all seem "small" possibly due to single surrounds. Even setups with dipoles don't really sound that emmersive to me.

I am planning a home theater for a friend of mine and here is what I am thinking:

Outlaw Pre/Pro---> DIY 12 channel amp (with modules from 41hz) to actively biamp all of the channels ---> DIY Loudspeakers.

I was thinking of having 4 monopole surrounds per side. Would that be preferable in a medium sized dedicated theater, or multiple dipoles or what's the thought on that?

Also he really likes the Klipsch Ultra 2 system that he heard. Is there some good horn drivers that I could use, or would it be better to use standard drivers?

Edit OOPS: The speaker budget is 5000
If you are using a projector and have a large image, the only thing that is a good match is using line arrays. 2 large arrays for the mains, no center channel, and smaller arrays for the surrounds. I prefer OB for my arrays for more natural voice. Another advantage to OBs is that you can get to everything and you'll want to experiment with some power tapering. Equal power distribution can result in an exaggerated audio image.

With that kind of budget you can use the WR125ST crossed over to great quality ribbon tweets and probably still put some $ in your pocket.
Personally that's what I'd do as well (actually I have always wanted a line of WR125s, ribbon tweets, AND Extremis 6's... mmm Extremis)..

However he wants it to sound like the theaters do, which from just looking around almost always have a two way design of a horn and large woofer. Also I am told that line arrays arn't best for the surrounds (note, the surrounds can not be sitting in the room, they must be in or hanging off the wall).

Thanks for the suggestion though.
It would be much better than ANY theater. Who said the surrounds had to be on the ground or the mains for that matter. Make the surround shorter arrays, since they don't need to carry bass anyway. If he wants BIG sound to go with a big image, only an array will do that.

A horn can be big in terms of dynamics, but it's still a point source.

If he has a big enough HT, some Altec Voice of the Theater horns may be what he's looking for.
Alright, I have a bunch of NSB's sitting around, maybe I'll throw together a line and see if he likes the sound. Not the drivers, but the sound.

Why do you recommend no center channel? I think that might be a hard sell since he is used to seeing a center channel, and through his reading/going to dealers he is told about how important the center is and should be the best speaker, etc, etc.
With a projector, the problem I have with center channels is that the "sonically invisible screens" aren't up to par. That leaves a center at the top or bottom and is localized too high or too low. The HT vendors are just trying to sell more equipment. That's why center channels were invented to begin with. Does a center channel make listening to music better? No of course not. A phantom center works fine and actually gives you better audio placement of the onscreen image. The only potential drawback is that the arrays couldn't be stuck over the in corners, they would need to be closer to the screen.

If he did an array to mount sideways as a center channel, it would have to be as long as the seating area is wide.
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