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BIG BOX Audio Research Prototype boards/parts

BIG BOX Audio Research Prototype boards/parts!!!

ARC history right here! Big box full of Proto boards that went on to become famous products! WZJ never threw ANYTHING away. he would make the engineers take all the parts off the prototypes and save them...well years worth of these boards built up and one day we cleaned and i acquired a large load of stuff. I have hung on to this stuff now for nearly 10 years and its time to let it go. I have no idea what all is in here. don't ask. but it is CHOCK full of awesome goodness. tubes, fets, caps, digital boards and who knows what. but for???? $500???? you can have years worth of fun figuring it all out. its a BIG big big box and the price includes shipping in the USA which. will be an estimated $75-100 just for shipping. Open to offers. No trades. Open to discussion/haggling.


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