Big Amp Problem

Ok there's a lot to this so please bear with me:
Everything was ok for the first few months, then when i turned my subs on (I have a switch that conects the remote wire)the music turned off.
Then i turned my subs back off and there was still no sounds for a few minutes.
As i lay off the accelerator the sound begins to come back on. (if i hit the accelerator the music goes back off.) Also, when i accelerate i hear this annoying hissing noise from the back.
when i unplugged the rca cables from the head unit everythign works ok (except for the subs that is.)
i have noticed that when i turn on the switch for the subs the light on the amp does not become lit. obviously the amps are not getting power.
The power cables are along the side of the car, where as the remote and rca cables are run through the middle. (i know when their too close it can cause problems)
I have my ground wires from my amps grounded properly
Please help me find out why my amps wont power, and to get rid of this hissing noise.
Thanks for taking the time to read!