bic venturi formula 4

Goodmornig from Athens,Hellas!
I own from my father a pair of bic venturi formula 4 and i want to upgrade them.
The mids and higs are too match for me ,if they still works and the bass too boomy.
I'm thinking to replace the horns with a tweeter and replace the midrange too.
Also make the cabin closed box.
Which components do you think i should put to them?
Thank you a lot!
(and sorry for my english )
Search for 3 way classic kits at Troels Gravesen's site. The brand of drivers is irrelevant and if you have the slightest of a talent to learn something by browsing forum and reading books, you should be able to mimic your own loudspeaker project and not depend on anyone else's solutions, and you get to keep the money as well.;)
I owned formula 4's in the late seventies. I thought they sounded similar to the JBL L100 speakers that I could not afford at the time. Do your speakers have the original woofers? They had a black cloth accordion fold surround. The horn is actually the midrange. More of an upper midrange lower treble design. The small cone driver they called a super tweeter. It was probably the poorest part of the system. Check the crossover for electrolytic capacitors and replace them if possible.