BIB for JX92S ?

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Hi all, I managed to score a pair of JX92s from the group buy that was so well done by Brian.
I am very impressed, just stuck them in an old bass reflex box and they sound good already. Very good actually, very neutral and non fatiguing (although a LOT less sensitive than the DX2 I have) and with a heck of a lot of bass for such a small driver.

Anyway, has anyone ever built the BIB for these (it doesnt seem quite as huge as the one the DX2 was going to need that I realized would not meet with much spousal approval) , or is the VLTL or similar enough. I was even thinking of a wide front baffle like the Jordan design, but tall BIB.


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I asked Scottmoose to drop in here, BUT if you go to the BIB thread they have a formula to calc BIB's, but that is a LOON thread! It is in the last quarter I would think though!!

But you shouldn't have to 'cuase it was calculated once!!

Here you go!

Oh!! and I found a page with the formulas AND a lot of building info

I suspect that you will like them a lot!! ;)
For once, I'd actually be inclined to make life easy and simply stick the Jordans in Terry's original cabinet: they'll work fine in it -dimensions aren't actually too far off the ~optimal, depending on which specs. you believe to be accurate. Ignore the ripple on the sim -in practice, 90% of it doesn't exist when the boxes are correctly loaded. You might have to damp them down a bit though -gain is something they aren't exactly lacking, as you can see.

Wish I could afford to try it myself to be honest: the Jordan's right in the kill zone for this load, so you get a box that is of reasonable size.


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LOONS - we may just be!

Often i look at my BIBs and wonder how much different they could be if they were stuffed with drivers top to bottom. The cabinets could easily hold 5 or 6 drivers and the crossover needed to make it all work. But then i think about the elegance of a single driver and a box tuned to make it work optimally. Then i think about the simplicity of the crossover if there is one at all. Then i think about the way it doesn't take up any more floor space than the B&W monitors i have and how much better they sound. Then i think about how efficient they are and how well they work with my tube amp. Then i turn on my music, stop thinking and melt away for 45 minutes to an hour before my wife comes looking for me.

LOONS yes, but happy LOONS! Btw, i would love a Jordan based BIB. If i owned a pair of Jordan's i would build the small award winning monitor boxes first but i am certain i would eventually build BIBs for them just to hear if they were living up to their greatest potential.

If you build the Jordan BIB please let us know how it sounds and be sure to send pictures.

I was lucky enough to get some from BWRX's group buy,
I think the availability at a more reasonable price will spur a lot of interest in this forum on the Jordans. While expensive, the drivers still represent better value than buying completed multi-driver speakers.
I tend to hold off buying drivers for long enough (several months) until I am really, really, really sure I want them. In 5 years I have only bought 1 pair of FE166e, DX2 (back when they were much cheaper), and now JX92s. I can recommend this kind of approach.
Davidallencole & GM -


I'd forgotten Jeff had it posted there .

I can't do the Maths , can either of you provide the dimensions, meridian line and height of driver?

Rather than start a new post and I don't mean to hijack this one, what about the Lancetta?

I searched everything on that design and keep ending up at Klang or HiFi . The drawings are more than enough to do the build but the only info I find in posts is one Guy saying based on Maths it shouldn't work but alluding to the fact it does and another Guy saying several members have built it but I don't see it anywhere.

I'd really prefer to use 2 drivers per box if possible unless I hear a couple Guys saying they've built the BIB and are very happy with it.

I was looking at something similar, an 51" MLTL, the length dictated by the nicely finished cupboard doors I salvaged from an office reno at work. :) The results of playing around with Martin's sheets and Zaph's T&S parameters for a bit last night below, 0.1 lbs damping and 0.5 ohm source drive:


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Note -WRT the dimensions Terry provided, he was using 1in material, not 3/4in. His resultant cabinet was internally, 70in x 5in x 12in (HxWxD). Driver was 30in down from the internal top.

As GM said, I'm not sure I'd call either 'best' per se -it's simply that they happen to go in & perform fairly well. It's a big box, so it's forgiving, if driver parameters are closeish to those of the defunct 1354.
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