biasing up the mini-crescendo kind of construction..


in my experience with the Hitachi fets they gain a lot in sound quality up to 180-200mA per device. I run 3parallel [email protected] bit over 300mA a piece.

Is your heatsink 50° or are the fets this hot? I have run for manny years with heatsinks of 50° without problems.

raising bias from 100 to 180-200 would be asking for trouble though when the sinks are alrasdy 50°.
The best thing would be to change the sinks or leave it as it is.


Now the amps runs @50ºC stable, measured at the hetsink,
just nearby the transistors.
The bias is now 200mA, and i noticed a slight sonic improvement..
Thank you all for the help!
-another Q, i believe the DC at the output is a little too high, how should i adjust this in a proper way? maybe incorporate a potentiometer at a tactical spot in the circuit? 80mV doesn´t sound very good to me, i´d like it to be much lower, help please!!