biamping with one DAC

I like my DAC and dont have budget to get two of them rihht now to test byamping my speakers.

whats the best way to feed DAC output to two different amlifiers?
midhighs using a push pull el84
woofer using a 10w 41hz SS.

i care about mid highs integrity, wouldnt worry too much about bass...



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2004-10-07 6:05 am
That depends in your DAC, or more precisely, on its output stage. Is it low impedance? Can it drive tricky loads no problem? Most can. Are you using the AMP6 from 41Hz?

If it can, then usually just a Y cable will do what you need. If you are really obsessive, then a buffer or two. That's how it's normally done in pro audio.
Thanks Pano,
You are everywere :)

Yep, I think the dac comes with some kind of buffer in the single ended output (Buffalo with Legato).
For bass, I have a few 41hz amps.. one of 10W or 20W and another one of 100W. Can't remember.

So , should be ok to just paralell them? it would be owesome if that doenst degrades the SQ. And it's not written on any user guide :)