Biamping power requirements


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2002-01-15 12:57 am
Tyrone Ga. U.S.A.
Has anyone come across any refferences to how much audio power is handled by a tweeter from say 2khz up. I am thinking
of biamping and in my case my tweeter is not as sensitive as my
woffer and mid. I seem to rember reading that there is not a lot
of power in the highs in fact in clasical music I think half of the power is below 500hz. Wondering if there are any new studdies about this.


I was instructed to use the 1/3 formula. 1/3 to mid , 1/3 to high. For example, 300 watts low, 200watts mid, 100watts high. Depending on the crossover, active or passive. With an active one you can adjust the outputs of the highs and mid/lows to dial it in. In your case maybe 100watts for the mid/lows and say 30 watts for the highs. An active crossover might allow you to adjust your crossover point as well. If you choose a passive crossover you had better do your homework. It generally doesn't take a lot of power for highs, and separating them from the same amp that drives the rest will sound a lot better. Good luck
The rule of thumb I learned at my mother's knee was equal power per octave.
I mentioned that once here and was mobbed by folks who felt that I was being too generous on the high end. I believe they pointed to a chart on the ESP site, so try there.
Me? Being the obstinate cuss that I am, I'm still going to keep giving the highs all the juice they can handle. Tweeters (bwess their widdle hearts...) are such delicate little flowers (read: expensive) that I'd rather err on the side of caution than clip and toast a tweeter. Not to mention the fact that clipping sounds nasty.
(How do these morons with their boom-boom car stereos miss the fact that they're audibly clipping? Is their hearing already gone? Egad, I hate the sound of clipping.)