Bi-Polar Capacitor Help Needed

I am working on several Nakamichi PA-7's.

I am re-capping the small signal caps and am having trouble locating a 1uf 100v bi-polar electrolytic.

I am considering using the Wima MKS series as a replacement, but unsure if they are bi-polar. When looking at the pic, they appear to have a polarity marking, but since they're a film cap I'm unsure as I thought film caps were non-polarized. Anyone know if these will work?

I'm trying to find a decent sounding replacement that was designed for audio. Unfortunately, I'm having no success as the "audio" caps don't appear to rated for high enough voltage.

Does anyone know of alternative suggestions that might be better?

My plan is to replace all other small caps with Elna Silmic series.

Any help would be appreciated!


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They are bi-polar. Where did you see a polarity marking ?

every current film cap is non-polarised

I thought the same also.

However, if you look on the link I posted, there is a dash following the value in the pic. I wasn't sure if the dash was depicting negative and it's not mentioned on the datasheet whether or not they are bi-polar.

Again, wasn't 100% certain, hence why I asked.

Thanks for the help!