Bi-amp crossover design

Hi, I'm designing an active crossover to bi-amp a pair of fairly generic bookshelf speakers (kef crestas) mainly so when I build my own I know a bit more what I am doing. I've got a DCX2496 to experiment with but the final crossover will be analogue.
I have measured the frequency response of both the tweeters and the woofers with and without the filter (I had a -8dB/oct HPF on the tweeter @500Hz to stop the low frequencies destroying it).
In the second image I have simulated an ideal -16dB/oct HPF @ 4.5k for the tweeter and -16dB/oct LPF @2.2k for the woofer in order to get the same x-over point.
When I implement this with the DCX2496 it has far too much mid (you can see this after 1k).
How should I design a x-over to get rid of this? Also the tweeter looks like it is resonating without the pad..
Thanks, Nick

BTW legand
Blue - woofer with passive x-over
Purple - tweeter with passive x-over
Red - woofer (with DCX2496)
Green - tweeter (with DCX2496)


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