BH882+Extension >> B&C 18DS115


2018-03-21 2:41 am
Hi folks,

we are planning to build a EAW BH882 + Levan Extension.

The T/S-parameters from the B&C 18DS115 seems to fit for a frontloaded Basshorn.

Would you suggest to use it in a BH882?

Are there more detailed plans?

thank you&
have a nice day

Originally, they were made by Richard Long in 3/4" Baltic Birch, the 882 is an EAW rendition in 5/8" Baltic Birch. If you plan on install Original was Eminence Custom 18" woofer. Most installers use the JBL 2242 18" woofer. If you are going portable use Emeralds (Half of the Bertha's). If half in 3/4" Baltic you can use B&C 18 TBX.:D