-Beyma TPL 150 AMT

May be this reply comes a bit late... But I felt sorry that you got none so far.
I've been using the Stage Accompany SA8535 until recently and since I needed more sensitivity I've given the Beyma TPL 150 a try. I think this is an excellent tweeter with a lot of resolution and speed despite it looking rather tiny compared to the SAs. After the break in period, I went for a 6dB Xover in the range of 2,5 or 3 kHz. Then I had to silence it a bit with a 1,5 to 3,3 Ohms resistor connected before the capacitor (depending on my mood and receptiveness and whether it's the afternoon or the evening, or whether I had a tough day etc.). That's all for the crossover and the TPL does not seem to suffer, at least at my home-FI listening levels which can on occasions be quite loud (after a tough day etc.). The SAs definitely seem to exhibit more energy and to radiate more sound in the room, but again sensitivity is lower (something like 94 dB in a 4 Ohms speaker combination, compared to 98-100 dB of the Beymas).
I'm using the Beymas in a 3 way set up with 2x Ciare 15.64 (PW388) up to 250-300Hz (18dB slope), then 2 x Audax HM210Z10 for the mids up to 2,5-3 kHz (6dB slopes for low and high path and a resistor to take away some sensitivity). No passive equalisation, zobel etc. for the time being. You may have seen that someone else has published in another post home-made measurements of the Beymas.
I'm now waiting for the horns Beyma are intending to release for the TPL150. Will be interesting to see if these add something (besides the extra dBs).