Beyma Drivers

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Hi all,

I wonder if anybody has given a try to the spanish beyma drivers. I have all the data from their site and seems to be really complete for most of the drivers. I'd like to have any opinion from somebody before buy them.

BTW, I'm new and you'll be receiving some of my "clever" questions and "dumb" answers from now on.

Hi Raka.

Some years ago I worked in a shop where we imported, and sold Beyma speakers ,among others, and in my experience the datasheet is very reliable (read: hasn't been corrected by marketing!!).
As with any manufacturer of anything, they make good things as well as bad things, so before I can help You, You'll have to be more specific about models and purpose.
Decent gift and show

Thanks for your reply,

I'm planning a gift to my sister, and I'd like to make a pair of towers for general purpose. I'm taking the opportunity to build the best with this drivers and put in the basket all I've learned about speakers.
I'm thinkin about 2 way MTM (or TM...), but I see that in tweeters they are not very crowded, at least in the studio series. What about a 6B30/P or 5MP60/N with the metal dome TO2030, they look flat on the frequency, don't they? Even good enough to a 1st order?
Hi again.

Simple is beautiful, and a two-way system is a lot easier than ie. a 3-way. The same applies to MTM vs. TM.
I'd recommend a 2-way, 2-unit speaker.

As for the units mentioned, I'm a bit biased towards papercones/soft-domes. I find the T2030 a bit to hard. Too much titanium-sound to my liking. Having said that I must confess that the CP-25, with a little tweak in the x-over, is quite good. Combined with a 12G125 in a 60 liter chamber, tuned at 40 Hz, You'll have an easy-to-build and good sounding system, capable of party levels as well as background music.
Hola Raka,

I`ve had a couple of nice Beyma woofers (really quality made) and have been very satiesfied with them.
The woofers were not exactly intended for Hifi purposes but rather for PA as most of the stuff that Beyma makes.
In that field they are really good with very big assortment and attractive prices too.
They do not have much choice on Hifi drivers, particular not for the mid and high range and the few Hifi drivers I have seen/heard of them did not knock me off the feets and I guess what concerns this, it`s better spend Your money elsewhere.
There are so many manufactorers of good Hifi drivers around, so why buying from one that does not seem to have so much experiance and motivation in that particular field?
Don`t get me wrong - Beyma makes some great PA stuff and some fine woofers that might be useful for Hifi also but I really believe in regard to Hifi, You´ll find more innovative and better elsewhere for the same (or propably less) money.
As I´m not really sure what You meant about "for general purpose" and in case that You rather would like to go for higher sensivity, party levels and ruggedness than for "Hifi-qualities", You might consider Beyma though.

Semi hifi

Thanks for your reply,

I see now that maybe they are not the highest-fi drivers, as they target their production to another market, but I think I will try a system with their studio range since I can get a good price from my electronic supplier shop.
Yesterday I went to a shop that sells beyma and I was told that they are for sure not better than vifa obviously, but far better than the drivers found in standard commercial designs including mine (I own an Advance Acoustic MA11), so maybe I beat the buck with this starting project.
I will let you know the results.
Drivers selected


I've selected the drivers for my project, and here you are the definition rules:
I want great stereo and big detail instead of really deep bass, so I will go for a 5,5 driver: the 5MP60/N, who has a flat response.
The size of the driver was decided because I want to crossover as high as 3KHz minimum to get great dispersion
As I don't want to deal with the lobing problem I will keep the TM configuration.
I read the Ariel article, and the vifa P13 looks better, but not so much than my beyma.
The tweeter must be the TO2030 or the 2010, but at this point I don't feel confidence with the plastic dome, but the aluminium seems harsh, I was told.

Any suggestion about the crossover? I'd like to keep the dispersion high, that's the point. The power is not an issue here.

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