Beyma 15cxa400fe/nd


2010-07-28 10:47 am
Hi, Beyma publish some very good specs for these coaxial drivers and as a Beyma user I have no reason to doubt them.

They claim these drivers are used in some professional monitors in their marketing but when I asked them for information on who, they responded by saying that client information was confidential!!

Always a good idea to keep your product successes a secret!

So...anyone know of products that use these drivers?

I was always suspecting that this one here is using the 12" version of that Beyma coax:

C-120 - KSDigital Studiomonitore

But keep in mind that even if it is a Coax by Beyma it doesn't necessarily have to be an off-the-shelf driver since Beyma is also doing custom drivers.

I have the 8" model of that driver and it sounds very nice. I used it for some tests with a transient-improved crossover in a closed-box. Because it is lacking grunt in the low end for some music I will try it with a 12" or 15" extension one day.

For stand-alone use with reflex tuning the 15" and the 10" versions seem to be the most interesting options in terms of possible low-end extension.