Beyma 12p80nd v2 enclosure help


2015-04-07 4:41 am
The plan is to run these drivers with the beyma tpl-200h in the back of my truck bed facing straight out into the open outdoors for high output pro audio use at car shows.

Input power will be roughly 500w or so per midbass and rated power for the horns.

Was looking for what you guys recommend. I don't want to do anything insanely complicated and space is at a premium since the whole bed will be loaded with amps, batteries, wire, etc so I was thinking either sealed or a simple ported enclosure.

What would you fellas recommend? Thank you very much


2015-04-07 4:41 am
I attached some pictures of just some of the equipment being used in this build.


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Definitely go ported. Heat is your enemy, so make sure it can escape the cabinets.
With a setup like that, its worth getting a good digital crossover. MiniDSP (which can run on 12v systems), or a Behringer DCX2496, to name a couple.
If you've got any budget left, grab some measurement equipment so you can work on your crossover.

Those are gonna be some really nice speakers, and I wish you all the best with them.