Beware Mouser's "UPS Mail Innovations" shipping

If you buy parts on Mouser: consider shelling out for real UPS or Fedex instead of "UPS mail innovations."

I placed an order almost a month ago, picked this low cost shipping option, and now regret it. The tracking hasn't updated since March 8th. Today is April 1st.

A search for "UPS mail innovations" suggests this has happened to other folks.

This isn't Mouser's fault, it's buyer beware I guess. Though it'd be nice if they'd offer more first class mail or priority mail options. This might tip things in favor of digikey which I think still has a first-class mail option.

Guess it's just another "surprise chain issue" / something that couldn't possibly be that bad, oh wait, yeah it is.
Contact Mouser and have them push on the courier. I've generally been very impressed with Mouser's customer service. It wouldn't surprise me if they'd just re-ship the order. Same for Digikey for that matter.

FWIW: It seems the various postal systems have recovered world-wide. Shipping from Canada to the US takes 1-2 weeks, typically. Sometimes a little over two weeks. That goes by Canada Post to the border and USPS 1st Class in the US. So there's no reason a package shipped within the US should take any longer than that.
UPS and FedEx were a little slower (1-2 days slower) during the height of COVID and have now recovered. The UPS 3-Day service is amazing. It often arrives overnight Canada->US as long as the destination is in/near a major city.

For those shipping across the US/Canada border: Never ship by UPS Ground or FedEx International Ground! Ground shipping does NOT include brokerage. You can self-broker at the customs office (supposedly), but expect to spend some time learning the process. Having UPS/FedEx handle the brokerage costs about $40, which is often 3-4x the cost of shipping. It's lower cost and faster to ship with their 'Air' services as brokerage is included.

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Agree with @tomchr - call Mouser - same thing happened to me over Christmas. Ordered $45 worth of parts, but wasn't in a hurry so took cheapest USPS shipping. A week went by, called them to see if they knew why there was a delay (FYI I live less than 45 mins from their warehouse) and they asked that I give it 2 weeks.
After 2-1/2 weeks I called back explained the situation again - they were quick to resend the entire order and gave me the option of UPS or FedEx at half price $4.99 - got the parts in 2 days.
Guess what... the lost parts showed up almost 3 months later in a crushed box - Mouser told me to keep them. I've had similar customer service with Digi-Key too, which is why I generally use them for all my parts - in the long run, it's easier, faster and you know the parts are genuine.
I had a USPS box from ebay (a book) take 12 weeks one time. Vendor printed the zip code on an edge, not machine readable. It kept riding back & forth between Lexington & Louisville over & over.
I had a UPS order for $36 shipping lost 3 weeks ago. Tracking showed no receipt at origin facility. After a week, UPS told me to submit a claim. They then denied that claim. Vendor ( ) replaced the order at no cost. I lost that week of good weather, received tool in time for days & days of rain interspersed by 55 mph wind days.
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A few years ago my first order from Mouser didn't arrive. When I called them they had the wrong address for me. In fact the address they had didn't even exist, so who knows where it ended up. There was no quibble or anything. I thought I was going to have to eat it but Mouser reshipped the order immediately free of charge. I didn't even ask them to do that. I figured it was my fault they had the wrong address, since I provided them with the address when I ordered.

Previously I had been ordering from Digi-Key. I only ordered from Mouser because they still stocked some legacy parts. I never had any problem with Digi-Key, but ever since then I have been ordering from Mouser. In this world of crapola service they have rightfully earned my loyalty.
UPS is terrible. Recently I ordered some stuff from Mouser or Digikey, and I didn't care how long it took to get to me. I used the US Postal Service first class (not Priority) and it got to me in two days - faster than UPS. Generally I find the US Postal Service cheaper and more reliable than UPS or FedEx.
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About 3 years ago I Ordered 2 cans of R134 for my car
air conditioner, 2 day USPS shipping. After 10 days I
with no updates from USPS I called the company, They
inquired with USPS and replaced my order that I Recieved
in 2 days,
One month later I recieved a package from USPS, a plastic
bag with a label for my address attached with my box inside, and
a note that said "Sorry for mangling your package"

Box was crushed, cans dented, but still full.
I got a package notification today for a Mouser order I placed last November. Almost 7 months ago :LOL: I thought it was lost forever. It was a small order not needed right away that's why I chose mail innovations. Yeah use this service at your own risk. Mouser is good at replacing lost packages expedited though.