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Beveridge Mylar

I just saw a thread about the Beveridges.
I have a very large roll of metallic mylar on both sides made at the time on request by Du Pont for the Beveridge importer in France.
I've had this roll for many years, so perhaps it might be of interest to someone. I don't know the quantity, but I'd say at least 1 kilometer, since it's 6 microns thick.
I have no idea how much it costs.
I can take photos if desired.
I live in France.

Best regards.

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Up for your consideration.
I am interested the last time I got a roll about 1/2 that size years ago and still have some left, enough for 1 last pair. At that time it was given to me but I did paid for shipping and gave him a little extra. In return I gave out most of it to other owners and speaker builder hobbyist.
I am not asking for a gift but would like to get it to the 2 dozen or so beveridge owners for future inevitable repairs and the remainder to hobbyist without making a profit.
I live in the USA
Hello Greg,

I wouldn't do anything with that roll of mylar.
I'm going to keep a few meters of it (if I ever need metallized mylar) and I'm willing to offer the rest to the Beveridge owners. I had 2SWs about 20 years ago and wish I could have found some back then to repair them.
I don't know how we can arrange for you to get it and give it away. It's very heavy and I'd have to send it in a reinforced parcel. I'm used to working with fedex and it's not a problem.
I'll take a photo tomorrow to show you the size of the roll and give you some dimensions.

See you soon