Better sound using stuff you have around the house already

So my wife and kid decide to play badminton in the living room, using the sofa to hold a net. Having an ordinary 2.1 setup, I have the TV screen panel centered between stereo speakers, which are pulled out ~4' from the back wall, while the screen is against it. We threw a comforter over the panel - and I put the speaker grilles back on. Game over, so I turn on the stereo. I swear the comforter over the screen makes a deeper and more focused sound-stage.

I mean, enough to consider making a suspended curtain out of this stuff that would be a little nicer to the TV coming on and off. It seems the comforter padding is absorbing sound and producing an audible effect. If possible, try hanging a thick, puffy blanket between your speakers somehow - if you happen to have an extra blanket around. The heck with the fireplace!

Anyone with another home remedy that worked and was perceptible? Thanks!
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